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14406Re: [NTB] Using "Filter Binary Codes"

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  • hsavage
    Dec 12, 2002
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      > byzant98 wrote:
      > I tried to open a Word document in NoteTab and got the message that
      > the file could not be fully loaded and I should use the
      > option "Filter Binary Codes." Being new to NT, I am having a problem
      > finding where this option is located. Also, am I right in assuming
      > this option deletes the images in the original Word document?
      > TIA,
      > Charles


      Julie answered part of your question, I'll try to answer the other part.

      Filter Binary Codes is found at - View > Options > Files - down the left

      IMO No, simply loading a Word doc into NoteTab will not in any way alter
      the original file on disk. Just don't save it with the same name.
      However, images, or anything other than text will not display in
      NoteTab, it is a Text editor.

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