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14405Re: [NTB] Using "Filter Binary Codes"

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  • Julie
    Dec 12 1:31 PM
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      Hi Charles,

      >I tried to open a Word document in NoteTab and got the message that
      >the file could not be fully loaded and I should use the
      >option "Filter Binary Codes." Being new to NT, I am having a problem
      >finding where this option is located. Also, am I right in assuming
      >this option deletes the images in the original Word document?

      Rather than me explaining this in a 'round about fashion, here's a
      cut-and-paste from the NoteTab Help file...

      My Word processor file looks funny in NoteTab and some text is lost!

      Files produced by word processors are usually not saved as plain text
      files. They contain all sorts of control codes that only the word processor
      that created them (or compatible programs) can understand. Word processors
      use those special control characters to store text formatting information
      (bold, italic, line spacing, paragraph alignment, etc.).

      The NoteTab editor only understands plain text files (that's why it is so
      fast compared to a word processor) and will display the special control
      characters as funny symbols or rectangles on the screen. Some of the
      control characters may be interpreted by NoteTab as signaling the end of a
      file. This explains why such files are rarely fully loaded in the editor.

      Unless you really know what you are doing, you should not edit or save such
      files with NoteTab. Doing this may render them unreadable to your word

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