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14374Re: [NTB] notetab options

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  • Jody
    Dec 1, 2002
      Hi Kerry,

      Please delete all the text that is not needed to understand your
      reply. Thanks. My comments follow.

      >I have copied and pasted what my .ini file has listed under
      >"options" --I could not find "Create Uppercase Tags". Am I
      >missing something?
      >Then when I tried to save it (I changed a couple other things to
      >"0"), it told me that access was denied.
      >I will shut down and restart and see what happens.
      >Oh, yes. Also, I opened the NoteTab.ini in NoteTabPro and it
      >wouldn't edit. So I opened it up in WordPad and I could edit it
      >there, but I doubt it let me save it. We will see.

      Enter this in the INI file under the [Options] section. The
      order does not matter, but I'd insert it with the others. Make
      sure your INI file is not marked read-only in its file properties
      (Windows Explorer or My Computer) and also under the Document
      menu in NoteTab.


      >> HtmlFeatures=1
      >> HtmlLowercase=1
      >> HtmlUppercase=0
      >> IndentWithTab=1
      >> LowercaseUrls=1
      >> Create XHTML Tags: When checked, produces tags based on the W3C
      >> recommendations for XHTML.
      >> Create Uppercase Tags: When checked, produces tags with element
      >> and attribute names in uppercase. When unchecked, they are
      >> rendered in lowercase. When grayed, case is not modified (useful
      >> when dealing with XML files).
      >> Create Lowercase URLs: Uncheck this option if you want NoteTab to
      >> preserve the character case of URLs inserted into HTML documents.
      >> When checked, URLs are converted to lowercase.

      Happy NoteTab'n,
      Jody Adair

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