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14274Re: [NTB] List Moderators

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  • Jim Hall
    Nov 9, 2002

      At 12:18 PM 11/9/2002 -0800, you wrote:
      >Jim and hrs,
      >A note of clarity.
      >In my editor when I wrote the html I did so in such a way as to specify that an image was indeed in the <dir>images and named the particular gif image.
      >Now whether I have the html page in the parent <dir> or in the image <dir> when I execute a browser integration I see the web site but no images,
      >I seem to have a miscue but I can't see the forest for the trees!
      >Anything come to your minds?

      A couple of things come to mind.

      1. Are you transferring the image files as ascii or binary? Transfer the image files as binary files and the HTML documents as ascii. If your FTP client has an auto option read up on how it actually works when it is selected.

      2. Just to be safe, make sure you use ALL lower case for the paths and image file names and for the links in your HTML document.

      3. Don't use any spaces in the image file names. If you want a separator use an underscore.

      There are situations where these may not apply or be necessary but the times/places where they are not will come to you as you gain more experience with your host and how they have set up the server and your site.


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