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14254Re: [NTB] Another tab question

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  • David Weiszbrod
    Nov 2, 2002
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      Hugo, Don, I used Don's method which required a change.

      \s\s{\s*} requires REGULAR EXP. to be checked in the
      find/replace box. That searches two or more, not three
      or more. Also ^T puts ^T in its place. It has to be
      \t. I think it has to do with "REGULAR EXP." I have
      not researched the difference. ^T works in non regular

      Having a built in function makes it easy. Although I
      now can search some special characters that may not
      have a built in function.

      Thanks, Dave

      > Don, Dave,
      > Dave asked...
      > > > New question on tabs. How can I take an existing file and replace
      > > > strings of spaces with a single tab. One of the files is over 3000
      > > > lines so stripping out the spaces would shrink it a bit.
      > > >
      > Don answerred...
      > > yes you can
      > > I think a clip would be the most efficient if you do it often,
      > > but a regex search and replace would do it fine also
      > Although it is tempting to suggest a clip for different kinds of
      > things this is a built-in command :-)
      > Modify/Spaces/Single Tab
      > [statusbar: Converts multiple adjacent blank spaces to a tab
      > character]
      > Hugo
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