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14152Re: [NTB] Keyboard Shortcut

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  • Mike H
    Oct 13, 2002
      Well..., not exactly. The 'Windows-key+E' shortcut isn't really a keyboard
      shortcut -- i.e. a shortcut that works when keyboard keys are pressed. The
      Windows key is a NON-standard key, available on SOME keyboards but not
      others. It is more properly a 'hardware acellerator device' even though it
      doesn't really acellerate much of anything. Some keyboards have internet
      keys, some have off/on switches, some have eight 'F'-unction keys while
      others have 12 or 14 and some have windows keys.

      The Windows key is a special programmable key offered on some windows
      keyboards for use with later MS Windows ONLY. In MS Windows operating
      systems the Windows key is programmable(more or less) for a few different
      uses, but these are all specific to late model Windows. The standard
      DOS/Windows keyboard has 88 or 101 keys. My Dell keyboard has 104 -- the
      standard 101 plus 2 windows keys plus a right- context menu key. My keyboard
      has 12 function keys, but earlier 'boards had only 10 or 11 or 8, depending
      how far back you go.

      I have in my closet an ATT-branded data entry 'board dated 1988 that has
      'print screen' and 'scroll lock' keys replaced with F13 and F14 keys. The
      Pause/Break key is labeled Scroll Lock/Break. This keyboard also has the
      top row of keys on the numeric pad set up for a shift row in addition to the
      standard row. The standard row characters are = * / + and the shift row
      is ( ) on the left most keys and no symbol on the shift of the right keys.
      In addition, The left, second and fourth keys are marked for PrtSc, PrtOn,
      and StPrt respectively. There is no NumLock anywhere. There are exactly 101
      keys. The keyboard has an IBM plug on it and I have never tried it out, but
      I will someday. I bet Windows will recognize it and I can use it. The "feel"
      of this old 'board is magnificent--very much like the later IBM typewriter

      I wish someone would come up with a keyboard that has an 'enter' key on the
      left, and comma, space, equals and paren/bracket keys on the numeric pad.
      Then when I am typing left handed....

      Mike Hopkins

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      From: "Jason Waugh" <jwaugh26@...>

      > mmc> Is there a Keyboard Shortcut to open Windows Explorer?
      > Notetab doesn't need one, because Windows already has one that you can
      > use from anywhere - 'Windows-Key E'
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