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14012Re: [NTB] cut off characters in certain columns [was: no subject]

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  • hsavage
    Sep 3, 2002
      º Daniel Müller wrote:
      º Hi,
      º thanks a lot for the effort. However, I can't get the clip working yet,
      º there's no reaction. Also the replace dialog doesn't respond (regexp
      box is
      º checked). Here is a small example of how these files look like:
      º Is it possible to delete -let's say- the columns of character 3 to 6
      form a
      º file?
      º Thanks again,
      º Daniel
      º º
      º º I have lots of large files, which have line numbers/points/spaces at the
      º º beginning of the lines. how can I cut off these (a certain amount of)
      º º characters from the beginning of a line?
      º º


      My apologies, I didn't read your email closely enough. I was laboring
      under the impression that each of your lines began with a number,
      followed by a period, followed by a space or spaces.

      The first clip I sent was only looking for 1 format of numbers as follows,

      1. abc
      10. def
      100. ghi

      etc.. The new one liner looks for all the combinations below, this is
      the test file I was working with. I added the lines from your email to
      mine and the new one line clip works great, the new clip is at the
      bottom of this this test file.

      1. <frameset rows="10%,*" frameborder="yes" bordercolor="#ffcccc"
      2. <frame src="c-f.htm" name="top" scrolling=no>
      3. <frameset cols="20%,69%,*" frameborder="yes" bordercolor="#ffcccc"
      4. <frame src="software.htm" name="sw">
      <frame src="software.htm" name="sw">
      5. <frameset rows="40%,*" frameborder="yes" bordercolor="#ffcccc"
      6. <frame src="html/group10.htm" name="grps">
      7. <frame src="html/f1.htm" name="main">
      <frame src="html/f1.htm" name="main">
      8. </frameset>
      9. <frame src="group-dex.htm" name="grp-dex">
      10. </frameset>
      11. </frameset>
      12. <noframes>
      101. -kkk-
      102. -jjjjj-
      103. -eeeeeeeeeee-
      104. -zz-
      105. -qqq-
      12345. dfghj
      23456. qwer
      12 hi!
      11 this
      10 is
      9 a
      8 test.
      7 how can I
      6 cut
      5 the
      4 numbers
      3 off???
      . some columns also
      . have points at the beginning
      . some columns also
      . have points at the beginning

      ^!Replace (^\d*\.\s*)|(^\d*\s*)|(^\.*\s*) >> ^%empty% TISwAR

      This clip
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