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13848Re: [NTB] Notetab Lite Installation and Uninstallation

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  • Jim Hall
    Aug 1, 2002
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      Just to add a bit to what Alec already told you, you can run NoteTab in any directory you like as long as it can find it's INI file and it's dedicated directories.

      You can have it in 3 (or 100) different directories and run an instance from all 3 at the same time if you should find some reason for doing so.

      The uninstall will only uninstall it from where you originally installed it.

      One of the many great features of NoteTab is it's ability to replace/restore MS NotePad for you.

      The option to do this is listed in the Help Menu.

      If you attempted this and it did not seem to work for you, you might find the following DL helpful.

      If you go to


      you can DL a document entitled "ALL ABOUT REPLACING Notepad WITH NOTETAB AS DEFAULT EDITOR IN WINXX'S" which gives the full background on the subject as well as special considerations required for doing so in Win2K & XP.



      I selected the menu option to have Notetab replace MS Notepad.
      >Nothing happened, which really did not surprise me as the original
      >Notepad has long been gone from my system. I have replaced many
      >inadequate MS originals with superior software by the following
      >1. install the new program in the same folder as the old-about-to-be-
      >2. rename the old
      >3. rename the new with the old's original name.
      >and, presto, all of the functions automatically assigned in the
      >system to the old are now automatically transferred to the new, no
      >need to root around in File Types Editor changing the assignments
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