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13692Re: [NTB] Windows 98 & Pro

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  • Jan Rosenstreich
    Jul 7, 2002
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      On Sun, 7 Jul 2002 12:53:56 -0400, you wrote:

      >I have had a great deal of trouble with text editors and Windows 98 (e.g..
      >Homesite, HTML Kit, 1st Page, etc.). It seems that NoteTab does well and
      >remains stable with W98. I was wondering if the same can be said for NoteTab
      >Pro, and if that is recommended for the W98 user. Also, any advice about
      >using NT with W98 would be appreciated as well. Thanks.

      NoteTab Pro has worked very well for me on Windows 98 & 98SE. As Jim Hall
      said, most of the problems are with the Win98 OS itself. Part of the
      instability of Win98 is be caused by unnecessary programs running in the
      background, taking up resources, and conflicting with otherwise stable
      programs such as NoteTab Pro. To find out what programs are automatically
      starting up, run msconfig.exe, uncheck the unnecessary programs and
      reboot. Any follow-up discussion about the Win98 OS should be directed to
      the Off-Topic List.


      Jan Rosenstreich
      Independent Distributor #130-646
      Multi-Pure Drinking Water Filtration Systems
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