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13673Re: [NTB] Windows 98 & Pro

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  • Jim Hall
    Jul 7, 2002
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      The problems you have had with your editors are due more than likely to the fact that you are using Win98 more so than any one other thing.

      Today, you will do yourself well to upgrade to WinXP and put a minimum of 256MB of RAM in your computer.

      The 2 together will make it seem like an entirely different (much faster) machine and the majority of instability you see using Win98 will just be gone.

      Windows XP comes very close to being what Windows SHOULD have been all along.

      Win XP is more than 13 times more stable than Win98. You just have to spend a little time and learn the differences between it and Win98 and there are many.

      It isn't just an upgraded Win98, it is an entirely different program that just happens to look and in some ways work a little bit like Win98 and you will find it easier to learn and accept, if you think of it that way.

      In general, ALL NoteTab versions will run better on XP than they do on 98, primarily due to the differences in the way 98 and XP manage your system's RAM.

      If you can't/won't upgrade to XP and must use 98 then the best solution is to REBOOT YOUR SYSTEM OFTEN. Each time you reboot, you basically reset your available system resources to the max available for your system.

      The longer that you go between reboots, the worse your system performance degrades until you ultimately start having instability of one type or another.

      In fact about 99% of weird problems with all versions of NoteTab are NOT NoteTab problems, they are Win95/98/ME problems, due simply to the poor manner in which they manage your available memory, and virtually all of these problems are eliminated with a simple restart.

      Depending on how you use your computer, this can mean rebooting anywhere from once each hour to once each day.

      If you have any specific questions about NTP and Windows XP, feel free to mail me privately.

      Specific questions about XP should be moved over to the Off Topics list.



      (No, I don't work for Micro$oft or Fookes Software, I just enjoy the stability and overall performance of WinXP and not having to reboot every hour when I'm working or when the BSOD attacks<G>)

      At 12:53 PM 7/7/2002 -0400, you wrote:
      >I have had a great deal of trouble with text editors and Windows 98 (e.g..
      >Homesite, HTML Kit, 1st Page, etc.). It seems that NoteTab does well and
      >remains stable with W98. I was wondering if the same can be said for NoteTab
      >Pro, and if that is recommended for the W98 user. Also, any advice about
      >using NT with W98 would be appreciated as well. Thanks.
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