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13653Re: Binary Files (was Re: [NTB] NTP 4.90)

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  • Jody
    Jul 3, 2002
      Hi Ben,

      We went through a lot of stuff to try on this list not too long
      ago. You might want to search the archives at yahoo. Since this
      is a very isolated problem that does not concern the large
      majority of the list subscribers please write me at
      mailto:Jody@... or post on the NoteTab Next Release list.
      Please see my signature line to subscribe to it.

      Send the message with the steps you are taking to get the binary
      character such as does it happen are your save the file or does
      it open like that in files that have never been opened in NoteTab
      before? Is it only the last character at the end of the document
      or is it in other places as well? Does it harm anything when it
      is there? Is it a full folder directory with every file having
      the same character? Send what other information you think might
      help. You might have the case that some other editor or server
      is adding the binary code.

      Also send what version of NoteTab and Windows OS you are in. Thanks!

      >I am working on a network drive and NTP must not make backups (View -
      >> Options -> Files: Make Backup is unchecked) but the problem still

      Happy Test'n,
      Jody Adair

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