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13652Re: [NTB] word wrap bug???

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  • Fay
    Jul 2, 2002
      I also had trouble with word wrap. I thought it was because of something
      foolish I'd done. I do tend to click everything, just to see what happens.

      Suddenly, the day after someone else had been using the program, I had
      no word wrap. I went into Options and it was marked as on, and I clicked the
      Word Wrap icon on the Document menu. It didn't even change its appearance.

      Then I found Update Column Wrap Now.
      After I'd used that a few times I had spaces where none should be.

      Then I found the setup for NoteTab and installed a new copy, and everything
      is as it should be.

      It was awful while it lasted.

      Not complaining, just maybe adding to the thread.

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