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13393RE: [NTB] Replace question

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  • h.paulissen@facburfdcw.unimaas.nl
    May 13, 2002
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      Hi Julie,

      > blahblahblah=http://link1.com
      > blah=http://link2.com
      > thisisnumber3=http://link3.com
      > etc.
      > How can I quickly get rid of everything from the beginning of
      > the line
      > until the http so I just have a list of the links? I'm
      > assuming this can be
      > done with regular expressions?>


      Check Regular Exp. in the Replace Diaolog Box.

      Search for ".*{http}" (without the quotes)

      Replace with "\1" (ditto, \1 stands for the pattern between {})


      You can go to the start of the document by doubleclicking in a non-active
      area of the Replace Diaolog Box.

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