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13362FYI: NoteTab on Win2k, with Aleph

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  • hkazemi
    May 1, 2002
      I figured this out myself before I found the message board. It may
      be useful to others, maybe even a good thing to consider when NoteTab
      is updated for its next revision. These are things the "Replace MS
      Notepad" could (easily) automate in the next NoteTab version...

      The order is important, otherwise WFP will prevent this from working
      by undoing the changes you make as you make them. When you are going
      thru this procedure, you'll get messages from Windows File Protection
      about replaced/missing files. Hit 'Cancel' on the prompts for the
      Windows CD, and 'Yes' to "Are you sure you want to..."

      1.) in C:\WINDOWS\system32\dllcache, rename Notepad.exe to Notepad.old
      This step disables the first place WFP looks for its files.
      2.) in C:\WINDOWS, rename Notepad.exe to Notepad.old
      3.) run NoteTab, use the Help | "Replace MS Notepad" feature
      4.) now the only place there should be a Notepad.exe is in
      C:\WINDOWS\system32. The version there should be about 19kb which is
      a redirector for NoteTab. There should also be a file called
      NOTEPAD.EXE.MS which is 50kb and is the original Microsoft version.
      If you use NoteTab's Help | "Restore MS Notepad", that file will be
      restored, and you may need to go thru this procedure again to undo
      this (because I've noticed that WFP sees that the original Notepad is
      available again and thus throws that back in the dllcache folder).

      Finally, there is one more additional note I discovered in order to
      make this work on Win2k with the cataloging system Aleph. Once
      you've gone thru the procedure I've explained below, you must copy
      NOTEPAD.EXE (19kb) and NOTEPAD.INI (1 kb) from C:\WINDOWS\system32
      into C:\WINDOWS. This is because Aleph looks for Notepad.exe in
      C:\WINDOWS, and my goal was leave Aleph's parameters/config files
      untouched. Once you do this, the Aleph | Items | Label printing
      function should work fine.

      Other than these hoops to jump thru, NoteTab works fine on Win2k in
      lieu of Notepad.