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13223Re: [NTB] Problem with Oracle SQL*PLUS and NoteTab lite 4.86C

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  • Jody
    Apr 8, 2002
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      Hi BeilstWH,

      You might try searching for NoteTab Light on the web and find a
      site that has not updated for awhile. There are normally a few
      of them out there. (Perhaps somebody will send an older copy to
      you via private eMail or upload it for you to download.)

      You can register and buy a CD if you would like and I could send
      an older version on a CD-ROM with all the other programs and
      files on the latest. (I can sell you just a CD with the software
      on it and put the version of Light you want on it also.) See
      http://www.notetab.net/html/cd-orders.htm I also have some older
      registered versions on CD and some older registered versions with
      small flaws in them that I will give $5.00 the cost of the CD if
      you order through snail mail with a check drawn on US funds or an International money order.

      >That didn't change it's behavoir. When the editor is invoked,
      >notetab is not running. I also tried check the "Multiple
      >Instances" and that didn't make any difference either.
      >Unfortunally I overwrote the previous version with the new one.
      >Is there any way to get the previous version of Notetab lite?
      >> > With the previous versions, when I invoked the editor in
      >> > Sql*Plus with the edit command, NOTETAB would be invoked and
      >> > it would edit a temporary file called afiedt.buf. While
      >> > notetab was running the SQL*Plus program would wait. When
      >> > notetab was exited, sql*Plus would read in the afiedt.buf file
      >> > and insert the contents into its working buffer (fairly
      >> > standard stuff). What happens with the 8.46c version is that
      >> > sql*plus never waits and immediatly reads in the contents of
      >> > afiedt.buf (which has not been changed). Any ideas why the
      >> > behavoir changed?
      >> Sql*Plus probably doesn't like the fact that there is already
      >> an instance of NoteTab that is open. Either close that instance
      >> before invoking NoteTab from your Sql*Plus program, or check
      >> the "View/Multiple Instances" menu command.

      Happy NoteTab'n,
      Jody Adair

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