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13222Re: [NTB] NTPro: slow spellcheck close

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  • Jody
    Apr 8, 2002
      Hi Arex,

      >Hi Everyone, I've been off-and-on the NoteTab lists

      Thanks! :-)

      >Problem: The NoteTab Pro spell checker closes quickly upon first
      >use in any one session, but on subsequent spellchecks in same
      >session, it takes maybe 5-10 seconds to close. I'm running
      >NoteTab Pro on Win2K, pIII, 200+ megs ram, lots of free resources.

      I do not know why that should happen. For a long shot try
      closing NoteTab and deleting Spell.cfg found in its main folder.
      Start NoteTab and run the Spell Checker. When you are asked to
      configure the Spell Checker, do so at that time.

      Since the above probably won't help, I'd try reinstalling NoteTab
      and then if necessary, reinstall the dictionaries.

      The following is how to install and use the American English
      dictionaries and thesaurus. Download and install the following
      installation program by clicking on "dicts.exe" after downloading
      it. All the dictionaries and the thesaurus go into NoteTab's
      Dictionaries folder.

      Setup program with English dictionaries and thesaurus (size 1,394
      KB; updated 8 May 2000) http://www.notetab.com/ftp/dicts.exe

      The following files should be installed to NoteTab's Dictionaries

      English.dct (..\NoteTab Pro\Dictionaries\English.dct)
      AmerAdd.dct (..\NoteTab Pro\Dictionaries\AmerAdd.dct)
      English.thr (..\NoteTab Pro\Dictionaries\English.thr)

      The end result in the Spell Checker configuration (View | Spell
      Checker Options...) window should be the following. Make sure the
      boxes are checked.

      Base English v2.01
      American Add-on v2.01

      Please press Help in the Spell Checker at any time it is open for
      more details and/or also press Options in the same dialog to set
      some options. You may also get to the same information from View
      | Spell Checker Options...

      Installing other dictionaries will be similar although they come
      in a compressed zip file. Additional dictionaries are located at
      our dictionaries page and do not have an installation program.


      Happy NoteTab'n,
      Jody Adair

      The NoteTabbers Assistant Page

      The NoteTab Basic Discussion List
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