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13199Re: [NTB] Yahoo Marketing

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  • April Furst
    Apr 1, 2002
      Mellany Saindon asked:

      >Can someone give me a hand with something, how do you make your website come
      >up as a top 4 or 5 on a search result...(my apologies for the ignorance).

      1. Get many other good sites to link to yours.

      2. Pay the search engine companies. "Payment for Placement".

      3. Be the only page with the nonsense word, "thiswilmakemefurst". You'll
      be near the top if anyone ever searches for it.

      4. Prayer. (But it works less than half the time.)

      5. Eliminate the competition.

      6. Hack into the search engine computers and modify their software so it
      always lists your site first, no matter what is searched for.

      7. You can also try putting this inside your web page's HEAD section:
      <META NAME="SearchResultPostition" CONTENT="1">

      Good luck with your site.

      April Furst
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