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  • Ray Shapp
    Mar 29, 2002
      Hi group,

      I just saw this on another Yahoo group, and I don't recall anything about it
      here. See the warning below.

      Ray Shapp
      Watchung, NJ

      ************************ from another Yahoo Group ****************

      "Yahoo have just made a sneaky change to everybody's 'Marketing
      Preferences'. The result of which will be a load of spam. I checked and
      sure enough, they had changed ALL of my *No's* to *Yes!* So, I've just
      been in and changed back what they've done so that I won't be receiving
      their ads!

      Here's what you need to do: Go to 'My Groups' and click on 'Account
      Info', verify your password if it asks you to, and your Yahoo ID card
      comes up. Click on 'Edit your Marketing Preferences' and change all
      those Yes's back to No's! Click Save Changes."

      I checked and it is true, I have rechecked the 'no' boxes. I get
      enough spam as it is, and I am annoyed at Yahoo for doing this.

      Don Davis
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