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  • stephen riddle
    Mar 28, 2002
      Hi Mike,
      I have a couple of ideas which you might try really quick,
      Note Tab's tab stops probably are not equivalent to how you formatted, go to
      your options menu and play around with that.
      Your DOS program uses monospace fonts. NoteTab is not restricted to that.
      If you choose a monospace font (again in options) things will look better.
      And that's all my ideas for the day.
      Hope it works,

      On Wednesday 27 March 2002 11:48, you wrote:
      > Hi
      > I have an ANSI file produced from a DOS program which utilises lines to
      > crate bozes etc. They work fine in edit (under DOS) but as soon as I goto
      > Notetab, either ASCII or ANSI all the formatting is lost.
      > ANy ideas??
      > Thanks
      > Mike Smith
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