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13076UTF-8 generates Access Violation (NOT a Bug!)

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  • Larry Hamilton
    Mar 9, 2002

      I work with a freely available genealogy program that can export from its
      format for data to the GEDCOM (GEnealogy Data COMmunication, if I remember
      right) format. It is just a text file and each section has a special code to
      identify individuals and their relationships, just regular keyboard
      characters (ASCII).

      I have opened these files in NoteTab all the time, but last night kept
      getting an Access Violation. I tried both Pro and Std, the last two versions
      of each. It will open in MS-Notepad.

      I was really stumped. I knew it could not be the size, since the big one is
      only 693 KB. I had a smaller one of 175 KB that also caused an Access
      Violation. So I ran Defrag, and I still got the errors.

      As a last try to see what was going on, I opened the file in MS-Word 97.

      On the first line of the file, before the first character were three
      characters . The very first character of the file should be 0 (zero). I
      opened the file in a Hex Editor and discovered the HEX values of these
      characters are EF BB BF. I removed those characters in Word, and now NoteTab
      will open it.

      Later I realized that the program gives a choice of what character format to
      export (UTF-8, UNICODE, ANCII, ANSEL), and the default is UTF-8. I read in
      the help file for the program, that UTF-8 is for non-Roman alphabets,
      Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew, etc.

      Since these characters display when NOT the first characters in the file,
      and Unicode files can be handled by NoteTab, you may want to add a way to
      handle this type of file. Either a message that says, "Hey this is a UTF-8
      file ...", or allow NoteTab to open the file similarly to the way it now
      handles Unicode. This could lead a lot of non-technical users to
      frustration. I know a lot of people open their GEDCOM files in text editors,
      and would not go to the lengths I have to figure it out, and would just
      assume it is NoteTab's problem.

      NoteTab Std & Pro 4.86d
      OS: WinXP Home (OEM)
      RAM: 256 MB
      Browser: IE 6.x


      Larry Hamilton
      My Site: http://notlimah.tripod.com/
      Hamilton National Genealogical Society, Inc.