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13060RE: [NTB] Reload Documant problem

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  • Jody
    Mar 1, 2002
      Hi John,

      I do not know why the file is not updated when you reload by
      choosing Yes. Perhaps Windows has the file locked out? See what
      happens if you close the other application, wait for a bit, and
      then reload the document. See if you can do an Edit | Reload.
      You asked about a work-around. I can send you a Clip that should
      accomplish the same thing if you want. I'll write you later
      about a reinstall in private eMail.

      >The heading in the message box is "Confirm" The message text is
      >"Another application has modified" followed by the correct path
      >and file name of the report file. In this case it is:
      >"S:\home\wrightj\tfcprod\apps\trstest\rpt\A270AH51.rpt." That is
      >followed by "Reload it?" This is followed by Yes and No reply
      >buttons. I click Yes.
      >It just doesn't make sense that NTP knows the file has changed,
      >knows the correct path and file name, but can't reload it. It
      >seems like a buffer problem or the way Windows NT interacts with
      >Note Tab. I'd be happy with a work-around. Is there some way to
      >manually clear a document buffer? Remember. Closing the file and
      >reopening it gets the same file, without the changes from the
      >last run. It seems like the only way to clear the buffer and get
      >the new version of the file, is to get completely out of NTP,
      >then get back in.

      Happy NoteTab'n,
      Jody Adair

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