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13058Re: [NTB] new question

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  • Jim Hall
    Mar 1, 2002
      At 02:48 PM 3/1/2002 -0500, you wrote:
      >Can someone tell me what the .bak file is that is created when I edit using
      >NTB. It is a pain. I have to always delete it when I do editing on my HTML
      >files and need to upload.
      >Any ideas???
      >How can I eliminate a .bak file from being created. It is useless.

      You can go to VIEW>OPTIONS>FILES and uncheck MAKE BACKUPS.

      Have you considered an Upload utility like UpLoadAway which lets you mask
      out backup files when automatically uploading your Web Site files?

      Uploadaway can also be configured to run from the command line and can be
      executed from NoteTab.


      This gives you the best of both worlds.


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