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13048Re: [NTB] Clips

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  • Don Passenger
    Mar 1, 2002
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      > I guess the questions is...are they actually incorporated into the
      document you are typing? Maybe by means of copying and pasting, or ???
      > Or are they simply there so you can have them on the side of your screen
      to use as utilities so that you don't have to exit the program while you are
      typing something up?

      I would say the answer is no .... *grin*

      When you make a clip it is saved on your machine as a "utility" macro that
      can be used to do something. There is nothing embedded into your document
      per se. A person receiving the file doesn't get the clip because you used a
      clip to make it.

      This is different, for example, then Microsoft macro's which can be embedded
      in documents ... resulting in a hackers dream ... because when you open the
      file the macro can fire.

      Where you might get confused is that a clip can by typed out and if I give
      you the clip you can copy it to the clipboard and make it into a clip on
      your machine.

      I hope that helps.

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