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12677Re: [NTB] Beginner

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  • bryllars@concentric.net
    Jan 4, 2002
      Jody wrote
      >You can download my Clip Class from the following link and it
      >will walk you through, Getting Started (which is a web page with
      >a number of images displaying different parts of NoteTab that
      >deals with Clipbooks), making a Library, adding Clips, and
      >editing Clips, on to more difficult Clips. Be sure to read the
      >Introduction also. Open ClipClass.clb and then click on the
      >ClipClass Outline Clip to open the Outline.
      >All the contents of the zip files go in NoteTab's Libraries folder.

      But all that comes up is

      "No web site is configured at this address."

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