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12647Re: [NTB] NoteTab Pro & Notepad - Return character

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  • Jody
    Jan 1, 2002
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      Hi Lotta and Ed,

      To add to what Lotta posted, you can place your mouse pointer
      anywhere in one of the documents when opened in NoteTAB and look
      at the Statusbar at the bottom of the screen. It will display
      the format it is in. You can also right click over the document
      tabs and change the format after checking/changing to Lotta's
      suggestion, or was that a bet Lotta? :-) Ed, when you are
      posting please ensure you type NoteTab and/or Notepad correctly.
      It is sometimes hard to follow which program you are referring

      >> I have started working with a group to maintain a website. They
      >> do not use NoteTab Pro, I do - relatively new user.
      >> I modified a number of files and uploaded them (using WS-FTP).
      >> When they, or myself, opened the files using Notepad the return
      >> characters were replaced with black boxes and the result was a
      >> single continuous text string.
      >>Does anyone know what the cause of the problem is and how I can
      >>resolve it?
      >Those black boxes have to do with an incompatibility between
      >Windows/DOS and UNIX text formats, or so I'm told. NTB can save
      >as UNIX so... Quick check shows that if a html document is saved
      >in UNIX the black boxes occur when the source is viewed with
      >Notepad, even locally.

      Happy NoteTab'n,
      Jody Adair

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