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12496RE: [NTB] Re: documentation and FUNCTIONAL clarity

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  • Greg Chapman
    Dec 6, 2001
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      > This is probably starting to drift OT, but I'd argue that
      > something which is the equal of a well indexed PDF file, is a
      > well indexed Help file. Isn't this what we've got already? Maybe
      > just the Index could do with an overhaul.

      I've said this enough before but...

      The only problem with the HELP file is that it's written like a book, not a
      context sensitive, click-by-click help file. (But then I hate most of
      those that I've seen - with Paint Shop Pro being one of the worst/best
      example of its kind.)

      If you read through the NOTETAB help file from start to end (Either get one
      of the OTL format versions or insert the following lines in your WIN.INI:

      [Windows Help]

      and use the keys:
      to scroll through it) you will find that it's arranged as a very well
      ordered, and complete, book.

      The problem for most new users is either:

      They were expecting to find that NOTETAB was a word processor, or that it's
      terminology is strange. The only answer to the former is education and the
      latter a good index using a lot of non-NOTETAB terms to help those not used
      to it.

      Maybe having the help file in HTMLHELP format rather than WINHELP format
      would help?

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