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12483Re: [NTB] Re: documentation and FUNCTIONAL clarity

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  • bryllars@concentric.net
    Dec 5, 2001
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      Let me be clearer - I have no objection to anything about Notetab that the programmers could
      fix. (There are Windows problems with the way text files are handled)
      Nor am I criticizing the help files per se.
      There IS a difference between clarifying menus and explaining terms and commands
      and organizing things under FUNCTION = what you want to do.
      Make double space etc etc
      In those terms it is sometimes hard to find what you need.
      (This is not unique to Notetab) In the long run help files need to be organized
      for funtions the users want to perform. Not for knowledgeable computer types
      who know everything already. (Pardon the testiness but I've gotten some insulting
      letters in reply to what seems a simple idea)

      That's all

      At 04:43 PM 12/5/01 +0000, you wrote:
      >This is probably starting to drift OT, but I'd argue that something which is the equal of a well indexed PDF file, is a well indexed Help file. Isn't this what we've got already? Maybe just the Index could do with an overhaul.
      >I've got to confess I find Notetab so easy to use that I don't refer to the Help file very often!
      >Ken Leake
      >>>> bryang@... 05/12/01 15:25:31 >>>
      >... A well indexed PDF library has no equals. It's easily compressed so it remains small,
      >searches are lightning fast even on slow systems, it's platform independent, and
      >with tools like Acrobat or Gymnast tons of text documents are converted to PDF
      >with a few mouse clicks.
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