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12473Re: Double Space - was Re: [NTB] Digest Number 547 - Re What to look under - RS

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  • Rick Friedline
    Dec 4, 2001
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      At 05:27 PM 12/4/01, bryllars@... wrote:

      >Bryllars NOW writes:
      > The problem is not that it is not there somehow --
      > But how would I have a clue that what I need is under the REPLACE
      > dialogue
      >unless I can browse or word search some kind of Help / Text file to
      >FIND OUT.

      By reading through the documentation to get a feel for what the program
      can do. The same as any other software.

      >The "Wonderful Job" is good for nothing unless I can find it.
      >All this help and command info and menu info should - I repeat -
      >be copied into a text file than can be searched
      > and organized into a FUNCTIONAL list

      Bollocks! A FUNCTIONAL list as you describe would be impossible to
      write unless the writer had a crystal ball. You don't say what you
      would "search" for above ... I can't guess that search term
      successfully. So how can someone write to the unknown workings of every

      So you came here, asked the question and told that what you needed was
      under the "Replace" option. Let's see, the Menu bar has Search and when
      you select Search low and behold you have a Replace option. Pretty
      damned intuitive if you ask me. Did you write to Microsoft and ask them
      to write a FUNCTIONAL list so you could find out where Search & Replace

      How much time have you spent with NoteTab Pro (I am assuming that you
      are using Pro since I can't believe anyone would be asking for the
      things you're asking for if they hadn't at least paid for the program)?
      Not enough is my guess.

      It isn't your questions, or your requests, that irritate me - it's your
      tone of entitlement and condescension that puts me off (maybe it
      doesn't bother anyone else; I won't presume to speak for anyone but

      >As I said:
      >A special FUNCTIONAL guide and list needs to be written - so that ANY
      >can figure out where to go for ALL these functions.

      Go for it. Copy the help file pages and compile them into one huge text
      document. I'll bet you still can't find what you're looking for since
      you don't seem to know exactly how to query it.

      So spend some time with the NTP documentation and special help files.
      Come and ask your questions here. But don't demand something more from
      someone who has provided a top-notch program and sells it for a
      whopping $20 - or gives it away free.


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