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12107Re: Selecting Paragraphs from keyboard

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  • Amitava
    Oct 6, 2001
      Hi Hugo and Steve

      >> What is the keyboard shortcut in NTP for selecting whole
      >paragraphs? In
      >> Word, for instance, Ctrl+Shift+Down from the beginning of a
      >paragraph will
      >> do in but it seems to do something entirely different here.
      >The "Keyboard
      >> Shortcuts" section is strangely silent on this subject.
      >You're right, I don't think there is a keyboard way to select a
      >paragraph. In NTP CTRL+SHIFT+UP/DOWN scroll just up and down the
      >text. NTLight apparently uses another engine, and there you can
      >extend a selection with this key-combination.

      I DON'T BELIEVE THIS! Something as wonderful as piece of software does not
      have a keyboard method for selecting paragraphs? <g> Anyway, Hugo, your
      clips does the job. Thanks. Here's hoping V5.0 will take care of this.

      Amitava Das Gupta
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