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12086Replacing Notepad - XP vs 2K

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  • Jim Hall
    Oct 5, 2001
      Harry and all XP users,

      At 06:04 AM 10/5/01 -0700, you wrote:
      >I don't know about Win2K, but I am running WinXP (RC2,
      >purchased over the net) and as far as I can remember,
      >all I did was hit the "Replace MS Notepad" in the Help
      >menu. And has been working fine.
      >It has been a couple of months since I did this but, I
      >do believe that is all I did and NotePro is working
      >find with WinXP.
      >I could be wrong but I do know that NotePro is my
      >default notepad program.
      >BTW, WinXP is great!


      WinXP is to Win2K as Win98 is to Win95

      WinXP is Win2K with an improved (?) "optional" user interface and a few new
      features and bug fixes.

      With regard to replacing Notepad with NoteTab there is no difference other
      than the path to the dllcache directory depending on how you loaded XP
      (Fresh or upgrade).

      If you load WinXP over the top of Win2K then the Windows File Protection in
      XP will be whatever it was in 2K.

      Initially I did this very thing and it appeared that XP reacted differently
      than 2K, however if you do a clean install of
      XP or 2K on a clean disk, they are identical.

      The WFP used in XP is identical to that used in 2K.

      As I said in an earlier post, reloading 2K over an existing instance of 2K
      does not reset the WFP and loading XP over 2K is the same, it doesn't
      reset the WFP either.

      I believe that the NTUSER.DAT file is keeping track of your desires with
      respect to the WFP although I haven't proven this yet. It is a fussy file
      to mess with unless you are prepared to do a lot of work and I just haven't
      gotten to it yet.

      Also it isn't too important if you don't really care about re-protecting

      To date the only way I have been able to fully restore the WFP in either 2K
      or XP is to do a fresh install on a fresh disk.

      For anyone interested, it is possible to completely remove the WFP with no
      adverse effects.

      So far, I would have to say that the greatest advantage of having an XP CD
      is that it has drivers for just about any hardware you could currently have.

      The greatest disadvantage with the RC1 and RC2 version and probably the
      Final version is that you have to activate it via a connection with
      Microsoft. (Beware all conspiracy theory advocates and those who value
      their privacy)

      It remains to be seen whether or not MS is getting more information than
      they should when you activate XP.

      XP also has it's own firewall and I haven't yet investigated just how easy
      it is to replace it with a 3rd party firewall.(One that MS can't give
      itself access to)

      Aside from all of that, I have found XP to be an even better experience
      than 2K and replacing Notepad with NoteTab in either is a piece of cake.



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