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11646Configurable Installation

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  • Greg Chapman
    Aug 28 7:39 AM
      Hi Eric/Jody,

      Clueless said...
      > Would it be possible to produce a NoteTab with optional configurable
      > features in extra add-on files? So there could be a basic NoteTab
      > kernel, and you could always carry that around on a floppy.
      > But if you wanted additional features, like the clip languagefor
      > example, you could set the configuration to add those, and then NTB
      > would incorporate those features, thus increasing it's size.

      Ever since the notion of a "Gold Edition" first saw its light on the
      list, I've asked myself this question.

      It seemed clear to me that an edition with every imaginable feature in
      it was going to suffer the same kind of bloat that the dreaded MS WORD
      suffers. I know there is recognition that NOTETAB is too big for some
      purposes or Jody wouldn't have pointed me in the direction of the GUN
      (Grown Up Notepad) or Metapad for some of the lighter weight tasks for
      which one might need a text editor.

      Put me at my ease! Tell me v5 will work like this.

      (It's already a real pain trying to run NoteTab from a floppy!)

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