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11274RE: [NTB] NoteTab, File Associations and Win 2000

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  • Jim Hall
    Jul 8, 2001

      At 09:24 PM 7/8/01 -0700, you wrote:

      >I conducted a little experimentation today and found something interesting...
      >I installed the latest version of NoteTab Light on my home machine today,

      Do you by chance remember which of the 3 download sites you downloaded
      NoteTab Light from?

      I'm curious because I got bad downloads from Dr. File Finder's FTP site on
      3 separate Downloads last night.

      FYI, today I FDisked my Win2K laptop and rebuilt it from the ground up and
      before I loaded anything else, I re-tested both NoteTab Light and NoteTab
      Pro Trial and they both worked perfectly.

      The manual method of replacing Notepad with NoteTab only sounds difficult.

      All that is involved is"

      Rename 2 files
      Copy a file and rename it
      Type 2 lines in NoteTab and do a Save As

      It takes all of 2 minutes once you have done it 20 times :-).

      And it can be reversed in less time than that since reversing it is just
      renaming 3 files.
      The Notepad.ini file can be left there.

      Good luck with your laptop and don't take the wager serious - I didn't :-).

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