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11269RE: [NTB] NoteTab, File Associations and Win 2000

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  • Brad Kinser
    Jul 8, 2001
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      Thanks for the help Jody.

      I had never encountered an app that took an association, yet only spawned a blank page before, so it has had be perplexed.

      I don't have NoteTab installed right now, but I will see if these suggestions help when I try again after my laptop arrives. I'm very rusty at HTML, so on the rare occasion that I edit any HTML files, I just cheat and use FrontPage... *grin* As for using the Send-To menu item to open docs in NoteTab, I believe that worked previously, but I was spoiled with the direct association, so that's what I'm shooting for this time around. I'm also not concerned about replacing Notepad, but I seem to recall reading somewhere that the associations for TXT files would not hold because of Notepad being the Win2000 default editor AND it being a "watched" system file. I think that's what spawned the whole confusion. I will try your suggestions and will double-check to make sure DDE is not enabled.



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      > Subject: RE: [NTB] NoteTab, File Associations and Win 2000
      > Hi Brad,
      > >When I double click an associated file it opens NoteTab, if not
      > >already open, but it does not open the document--only a blank new
      > >document. If NoteTab is already open, it will continue to open
      > >new blank documents instead of the double-clicked associated
      > >files.
      > That is what I wanted to know, not that I have a fix, but that
      > you were being switch to NoteTab and a new file is added every
      > time instead of just see it like when you first open the program
      > (with not files open when you shutdown last) meaning there would
      > be NoName001.txt there, that is being incremented. That is some
      > different altogether than the "normal" Win2000 wanting to keep
      > control of Notepad.
      > Check in Windows Explorer in Options | File types and make sure
      > you do *not* have DDE checked.
      > >I'm fairly sure there isn't some corrupted registry hook
      > >lingering since I've re-installed Win2000 on this particular
      > >system and gotten the same exact problem. Since Mr. Hall has
      > >verified that it works as designed with Win2000, I'm beginning to
      > >think that there may be something painfully simple that I'm
      > >overlooking, such as the syntax of the associations as they're
      > >added, or setting that perhaps I'm reading as meaning something
      > >different than what is intended.
      > There are a great many users running NoteTab properly in Win2000.
      > The biggest complaint we have is not being able to use NoteTab as
      > the default editor and especially Edit in IE. I haven't heard of
      > the problem you are reporting and I've been getting reports since
      > Win2k came out. The majority of them were, "I just upgraded to
      > Win2000 and there is no "Replace MS Notepad" on the Help menu
      > like there was in Win9x. It appears you have it associated
      > since NoteTab is responding, but instead of receiving a file it
      > just opens a new doc. That is strange to say the least.
      > I have a Clip I will send you that Grant made. I don't think he
      > is on this list, but is on Clips (?) and for sure the HTML list.
      > Have you activated the Utilities Library and looked under the
      > NoteTab Shortcuts section? If not, try the Add App Paths and Add
      > SendTo Shortcuts. There are also two for HTML. You can right
      > click over the Clip and choose "Edit Clip" to see the registry
      > changes that will be made, so you can remove them if you want to.
      > Or you can just put ^!ClearRegValue in place of ^!SaveRegValue
      > for every Clip you clicked on.
      > Also try the Open on the Windows Explorer content menu and the
      > SendTo if you add it from the Utilities Library or manually.
      > When you add the file types in NoteTab's Associations you do not
      > add the period in front of the file type (txt only), but I don't
      > think it makes a difference. I think it excepts both, but
      > ignores the period when adding it to the list.
      > Happy NoteTab'n,
      > Jody Adair
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