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11238Re: [NTB] NoteTab, File Associations and Win 2000

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  • Jody
    Jul 6, 2001
      Hi Brad,

      At the moment I cannot think of what might be causing that, but I
      have a few questions. When you double click on an associated
      file are you switched into NoteTab or are you manually switching
      and seeing a new document there? Also, can you always reproduce
      the problem after rebooting? You might try opening the
      Associations tab in Options, Remove the file type, and click OK
      so the registry gets updated. Go back in Options and Add the
      file type back. I assume you have tried this with other editors?
      Does the same thing happen whether NoteTab is open or closed?
      How about with the program icon on the Taskbar or in the system

      >I'm sure this question has been asked before, so I hope you'll
      >forgive me for asking again. Simply put, I cannot get NoteTab
      >Light to open a document that I've associated with the program
      >(using it's file association options--not those in Windows 2000
      >itself) by double-clicking the file in Explorer. When I try to
      >open that way, it opens a new blank document. I can open things
      >using the "Open" option on the "File" menu, or by right-clicking
      >the file and selecting the "Open With" option and choosing
      >NoteTab, but I much prefer the ability to simply double-click the
      >I've tried following the directions I found on this list
      >previously which involved making NoteTab the replacement for
      >Notepad. That did not work--in fact, it seemed to nullify the
      >associations, even after I reset them.
      >When I first looked into this problem in the fall of 2000, I was
      >told that you do not need a registered version in order to have
      >this kind of functionality. Since I couldn't get the problem
      >solved, I gave up and went back to using a lesser editor. Since
      >I'm now seeing activity on this list, I thought I would ask
      >again. I used NoteTab Light for a couple of weeks under Windows
      >98 SE and I loved it! But I can't justify registering it if I
      >can't get the same functionality under Windows 2000.

      Happy NoteTab'n,
      Jody Adair

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