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11220Re: [NTB] Emailing from Note Tab Pro

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  • Alec Burgess
    Jul 2, 2001
      Sorry, I'm coming late to this thread (I've been auto-saving and finally
      found time to start reviewing them)
      This thread started back on Jun 12 w/question from John Engel
      Original question was
      >>I would like to send an email directly from Note Tab by highlighting the
      text and then click on some command that would place the text into my
      Outlook Express, Eudora or whatever. Is this possible ?<<
      We started discussing intermediate files and then some fairly exotic clips
      (to which John) suggested this was "too complicated".
      Seems to me there was a "simple" method which got overlooked: (the response
      from J.E.HALL <jehall@...> came closest. There is now need for an
      "actual" intermediate file if we do the following:
      (1) put SendTo on the context menu
      (2) Select and then [copy] desired text in the file being edited.
      (3) Click "new" file
      (4) Click "paste"
      (5) rClick and then click sent-to
      At least for me the selected text (ie. the entire contents of the "new"
      buffer comes up in Outlook Express.
      Isn't that close enough?
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