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11209Re: [NTB] NTP keeping files open after closing

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  • Jody
    Jul 1, 2001
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      Hi Terry,

      >> Right click over the file tab and you can close, close all,
      >> delete, rename, plus more... If NoteTab is loading files that
      >> have been closed, perhaps you have Load Favorites on Startup
      >> checked in Options under the General tab.
      >I've obviously not been very clear in my description of the problem.
      >Let me try again.

      I tried to cover everything you wrote about. ;) I understand the
      problem now.

      >1. I open up a NEW file in NTP. Since it's new, it's not a favorite,
      >not a clip, nor anything else. Just a simple readme from a ZIP file,
      >for instance.
      >2. I close the tab in NTB, so the file is gone. All tabs are closed,
      >in fact.
      >3. I try to delete or rename the file from Windows Explorer. I
      >get a sharing violation. This happens repeatedly.
      >4. I completely exit NTP. Now I can delete or rename the file.
      >Obviously, NTP is not completely closing the file and releasing
      >it to the system to modify as needed.

      Maybe not. You also mentioned that it was obviously NoteTab's
      problem. That is also a maybe (or most likely if you will; I do
      understand that another programmer was able to fix the same
      problem which might not have been a bug in his software). The
      reason I say that is many of us get fooled for a long time
      thinking something is a NoteTab problem because it appears that
      it is only happening with NoteTab. We've had a few problems like
      that over the past that turned out to be Windows or Delphi
      problems. Sometimes Eric can work around them, but not all the

      >Windows 2000 SP2 - IE 5.5 SP1

      I'd be curious to know if anybody else is having the problem with
      the same system. (Make sure you do not have or did not have the
      file open in IE during that session.)

      Happy NoteTab'n,
      Jody Adair

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