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10966Re: [NTB] editing a file with special characters

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  • Jody
    Jun 4 12:03 PM
      Hi nlehrer,

      I suggest you use the Pasteboard. If you look in Options (I
      think under Tools) there is about a 3-4 line edit window called
      Pasteboard Divider. You then make a document the Pasteboard
      (under the Document menu - Shift+Ctrl+P). If you make that with
      one CR/LF and get the one in the registry you should end up with
      the two breaks you are looking for. If not, adjust you
      Pasteboard Divider as necessary. If you do not know that the
      Pasteboard is, see Help under the name.

      >i am editing the output of the nt registry kit tool, regdmp.
      >i cut out what i don't want and save it. one line is supposed to have
      >2 leading crlf's which show up in notetab as
      >. after editing and
      >saving there is only 1
      >. this happens every time. if i copy the
      >within notetab and save the file, it still only has 1
      > when i bring
      >the file up again. can i get around this, i need 2 crlfs so i need
      >2 's.

      Happy NoteTab'n,
      Jody Adair

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