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10931Re: [NTB] NoteTab Pro, E-mail Program Selection

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  • J.E.HALL
    May 28, 2001
      At 12:26 AM 5/29/01 +0000, you wrote:
      >I will purchase NoteTab Pro as my e-zine text editor. For my
      >e-mail program I'm considering the following software.
      >1. Aureate
      >2. Eudora
      >3. Pegasus
      >I want to confirm that NTP supports 1/2/or 3, and would appreciate
      >advice from experienced users/publishers.

      You may have just reopened the OE/Eudora wars again.<G>

      I vote for Eudora for the following reasons:

      You can run an ad version for free which is not much different than the
      paid version.

      It has its own MAPI driver and interfaces well with NTP.

      It is less susceptible to invasion by virii and worms directed at OE

      Attachements are not imbedded by default, they are saved in the Attachment

      I've never heard of Aureate.

      I tried Pegasus and didn't like the user interface.


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