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10709Re: [NTB] NewbieQ: AR Activating keys

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  • Lotta
    Apr 5, 2001
      Hejsan Östen!

      Välkommen ;-)

      >Is there a way to de-activate one or some of the auto-replace
      >activation keys?
      >How do you go about to easily insert for example a space where a
      >AR-clip is instead activated?
      >Why are there so many activation key, wouldn't it be sufficient
      >with just one (configurable)?
      >My apologies if there is some obvious answer to this which I fail
      >to see, or if I just don't understand how to use this feature.

      Like Don I don't know. I noticed you haven't got an answer and thought I
      would refresh the thread for you. I haven't used the autoreplace libraries
      much, but I guess the choice of activation keys has been made to make
      replacements during fluent typing possible (did that make any sense??).
      Agreed it would be a good thing if we could disable some of them
      temporarily. Maybe we can. What about it, Jody?

      Hej då
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