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10683Re: Re: Hyperlink to String in another Outline

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  • MH7
    Apr 2, 2001
      > >Still seems to me that one can only hyperlink from one Outline to
      > >another Outline Heading, and not to a string in the body of the
      > >other Outline (maybe I worded my question badly at first). eg:
      > >
      > >[important.otl::meetings] will only search for a Heading
      > >"meetings", and not the word "meetings" in the topic itself. Is
      > >there a way around this?

      > No, that is the way it is. Perhaps if Eric does another
      > maintenance update to 4.85. I can tell that you know why we
      > cannot do it now, that it Outline to Outline to word from what
      > you wrote. I would think [important.otl:: meetings ] could look
      > for the string, or probably better:
      > File Heading Search Criteria Options
      > [important.otl::Meetings::Thursday afternoon::^I]
      > Would find the "Meetings" heading and then search for "Thursday
      > afternoon" case sensitive.

      Hi Jody,

      I think your "example" more logical than what I was trying to ask for
      in the first place, and would be a big improvement. I have a few
      Outline files, and each headed topic is split into many sections. It
      would be great if I could specify a hyperlink path like this.

      I note the Heading must be the full heading (case insensitive) and so
      I guess the tokens are irrelevent for Outlines as they currently work.

      Mark Halsall
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