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10682Re: [NTB] Re: Hyperlink to String in another Outline

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  • Manuel
    Apr 1, 2001
      I read in Use Web and Document Links on help of notetab:

      * The following hyperlink [readme.txt::outline] will display the
      "readme.txt" file. As it is not an Outline file, NoteTab assumes the
      second criteria "outline" is text criteria to search and will select
      the first occurrence of the word "outline". Note that you will have to
      specify the full path name if the file is not in the same directory as
      the document containing the hyperlink.

      I think you can not use a link to a word in outline document. If the
      document it's a outline the second word it's the name of the item and
      not the word that you whish looking for.

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