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10680Re: Hyperlink to String in another Outline

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  • MH7
    Apr 1, 2001
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      Hi Jody,

      Still seems to me that one can only hyperlink from one Outline to
      another Outline Heading, and not to a string in the body of the other
      Outline (maybe I worded my question badly at first). eg:

      [important.otl::meetings] will only search for a Heading "meetings",
      and not the word "meetings" in the topic itself. Is there a way
      around this?

      Do you mean double colon rather than semi-colon?

      Mark Halsall

      > Open ReadMe.otl There are a number of examples in it.
      > You can add text after the semi-colon so i will be colored also.

      > >Is there a way to link from one Outline to a particular place
      "within" another Outline Topic? Linking to the other Outline Topic
      itself is not my difficulty.
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