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10432Re: [NTB] NoteTab Light failed to reload open documents

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  • Jody
    Mar 3, 2001
      Hi DA, jnt, and Others,

      >Another possibility is that NoteTab is set for multiple instances
      >and you had one instance already open but it was minimized or
      >hidden by another window. When you open the second instance it
      >will be empty as you described. If you normally only open one
      >instance with your preloaded files, then close that instance
      >before starting NoteTab again, you might not have noticed that
      >you have NoteTab configured for multiple instances. I use
      >preloaded files also and I turn off multiple instances for this

      Thanks DA; I'd forgot about that one and there are more
      possibilities. I don't mind the thread continuing here as long
      as it sticks to NoteTab. Those of you who have been on the lists
      for awhile though know that I will not put up with insulting
      posts to anybody, that I intend to keep the lists running as
      friendly, helpful, useful, and to the topic of the particular
      list as possible and within my means and time.

      >I have to defend Jody here because I have seen him be very
      >helpful. He is really overloaded with work, but tries his best.
      >We all fail once in while! :-)

      Thanks, but I saw no failure in it whatsoever except I may not
      have had the correct problem. ;) That's not to say I don't make
      my fair share of goofs though. Gee, replying to some 100-200
      posts a day, I'm bound to miss the mark at least once a day -
      haha! ...and a lot of times that is simply because I read to fast
      and did not fully understand the question.

      Thanks to everybody that posts whether they are right or wrong!!!
      And as always, thanks for deleting unneeded text from your
      replies, not posting Clips to the Basic list, posting more
      difficult things like Perl and RegExp to the other lists, putting
      meaningful topics in the Subject: line, and anything else I may
      have missed. <bg>

      BTW, somebody most of you know will be making an appearance on
      the lists sometime fairly soon (?) and that we all have missed for
      awhile now. :-)

      Thanks for the cards and money from those of you who sent them to
      us after the fire. They are *very* special to us!!! I
      especially liked the sense of humor some of you have! When you
      want to cry - laughing is best I think. <vbg>


      If you have not laughed at us today, you missed a good joke.
      Likewise, blessed are they who can laugh at themselves for they
      will never cease to amused. (Psa. 39:5)
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