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10431Re: [NTB] NoteTab Light failed to reload open documents

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  • DA
    Mar 3 8:32 AM
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      Hi jnt,

      Another possibility is that NoteTab is set for multiple instances and you had
      one instance already open but it was minimized or hidden by another window.
      When you open the second instance it will be empty as you described. If you
      normally only open one instance with your preloaded files, then close that
      instance before starting NoteTab again, you might not have noticed that you have
      NoteTab configured for multiple instances. I use preloaded files also and I
      turn off multiple instances for this reason.

      I have to defend Jody here because I have seen him be very helpful. He is
      really overloaded with work, but tries his best. We all fail once in while!

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