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10430Re: [NTB] NoteTab Light failed to reload open documents

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  • Jody
    Mar 3, 2001
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      Hi jnt,

      Since this does not have anything to do with the basic use of
      NoteTab and a very isolated problem, please post over on the
      NextRelease list, OffTopic list, or in private eMail for further
      discussion. There is a link to sign up for the NextRelease list
      below if you would like to report it as a bug. Thank you! More
      comments follow...

      >> There could probably be a number of reasons for i, so I'd be
      >> guessing at best. The fact is, it is working now and that is
      >> good news. You are asking something like, "Why do I get the
      >> blue screen when I shut down Windows about once every 5000
      >> shutdowns? Unexplained glitches happen with computers. It
      >> truly is amazing how well they do run being as complex as they
      >> are.
      >I'm disappointed with this response. I think you would have been
      >wiser to say you don't know. Has anyone else got a more helpful,
      >less patronising suggestion as to why NoteTab lost my list of
      >open files?

      I'm sorry you are disappointed with my answer but it was a
      truthful one. Instead of giving you some possibilities of things
      that I know could have cause it I just left it at what I did,
      because I felt that was the best answer to give for the
      particular situation since, IMO, there is not an answer for it.

      Two main things could have happened though. One is you had a
      lock up or crash and so NoteTab like any program that writes to
      an ini file on shut down would not remember any changes made
      during the current session. The second is your ini file got
      corrupt somehow; windows or your computer could have burped at
      the time the files were to be written to the ini file. Also,
      Windows, your computer, or NoteTab could have burped during the
      time it was to read that part of the program to open the files.

      Happy Test'n,
      Jody Adair

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