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10422Re: [NTB] Re: Filtering binary code

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  • Lotta
    Mar 2, 2001
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      Hi Janos and Eric,

      Janos wrote:
      > > But it isn't an entirely good idea to open such a file in NTB. I believe
      > >it can damage the file severely.

      >and, boy!, is she ever right. I lost two months' worth of messages, and
      >couldn't figure out why until I read this message. How come you didn't warn
      >me before I asked the question?!...:) & ...:(

      <VBG> Just as well since I was wrong. I had totally misunderstood that. As
      Eric told us, it's OK to open a binary file in NTB. I take it you maybe did
      a little editing? "Hand off" seems to be the rule. Sorry about you lost
      mail. Thank God the lists are archived ;-)

      Eric wrote:
      >There's no risk at all if the file is only being opened in NoteTab. The
      >important thing is not to _save_ the converted binary file in NoteTab over
      >the original binary file. Even here, NoteTab adds some protection by making
      >the document read-only.

      Thanks for your kind words, Eric. I feel I'm very much at the receiving end
      here. I've learnt a lot on this list both about NTB and computers in
      general. I still have a long way to go, so I guess I'll be staying a while. ;-)

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