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10416NoteTab Light vs Pro install both??

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  • jjdirect@bellsouth.net
    Mar 2 9:15 AM
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      Assuming that I am interested in NoteTab Pro enough to register/pay for it
      to get the extra features not contained in NoteTab Light, does it make any
      sense at all to have both on my system... I.E. for many tasks, that I now
      use MS NotePAD, and I'm looking for quick load time, nothing much more, is
      there a discrenable difference in load time between the Pro and Light

      I doubt that resource consumption would be much of an issue with the amount
      of RAM I have, but load time might be something for me to consider.

      Secondly, does NoteTab Light offer the feature where URLs are automatically
      colored blue, underlined, and can be launched in the browser?

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