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10408Re: [NTB] Filtering binary code

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  • Eric G.V. Fookes
    Mar 2, 2001
      Hi Lotta,

      > >There's no risk at all if the file is only being opened in NoteTab. The
      > >important thing is not to _save_ the converted binary file in NoteTab over
      > >the original binary file. Even here, NoteTab adds some protection by making
      > >the document read-only.
      >Sorry, I must have taken the warnings not to edit binary files too
      >seriously. Well, all for the better. Thanks Eric.

      No need to be sorry. Your answers to the mailing list are really helpful.
      I'm sure a lot of users are appreciating your presence here. It's people
      like you that enable me to spend more time programming instead of answering
      questions all day. I just jump in when I see an incorrect or misleading
      answer <g>.

      Thanks for all you do here.

      Eric G.V. Fookes
      Author of NoteTab, Mailbag Assistant, and Album Express
      http://www.fookes.com/ and http://www.notetab.com/

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