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10110Revisited: Window Position (solved my own problem)

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  • Carter, Michael
    Feb 1, 2001
      I was doing a search in the list archives and found a mention of Saving
      Window State using the Title Bar. I didn't realize that I should even look

      Well, I did and found there are a few options. One of them is "Open
      Centered". I unchecked that option and now everything is working as it

      I have to say, that is not the most intuitive place to put an option. You
      already have a great options page. I think you should add the Open Centered
      option on the General tab.

      Another idiosyncrasy is that of the 3 options: Stay On Top and Open Centered
      are toggles (displays check mark when they enabled) and the Save Window
      State seems to initiate an action (select it and it saves the current state
      -- most likely useful when you have disabled the Save Position and Size
      option on the General tab). I think that using the same interface for
      different types of actions is very confusing.

      I recommend that you remove Stay on Top and Open Centered from the System
      Menu and add Open Centered to the View menu as you already have Stay On Top.


      Oh, and BTW: there was no mention of this feature anywhere in the help file.

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