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1Welcome to the North Meols community website

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  • hodgeypodgey68
    Mar 4, 2010
      I have opened this site to provide a meetings/sharing space for all those interested in the local & family histories of North Meols & Birkdale.

      I don't wish to replace the excellent sites already offering support and advice, in particular the North Meols Family History Society Forum, but hope to provide a useful additional resource where files, documents and pictures can also be shared with other researchers.

      It strikes me that I could save people a great deal of time by sharing the work I've already completed and, equally, someone out there might be able to save me some time by uploading their own findings.

      One thing that comes to light early in the North Meols researcher's journey is that all the old families interlink (often numerous times over) and therefore research into one family will almost certainly impact on that of the others.

      Please help to make this a valuable resource to all those researching North Meols and Birkdale folk and share your photos, documents, certificates etc.